Radiation Protection Consultant


 Experts in Safety, Exceeding Expectations


Shielding Plan Assessment

Evaluated numerous hospital CT, Linac, and X-ray installations with calibrated radiation detectors.

Emergency Response 

Controllers and Coordinators of FEMA graded emergency response drills. Consultants are Incident command trained.

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Product Registrations

Created CDRH product registrations for laser and radiation emitting devices 

Over 300 Hazard Analyses

performed for laser safety (analysis with calculations). 

> 30 radiation licenses

New, renewal, and correspondences for radioactive materials and generating devices.

Radiation Safety Questions?



over 1,000 calibrations

Ion chamber, Gieger counter, neutron meter, and air pump calibrations

>1,000 rad shipments

Our consultants have shipped over 1,000 DOT/IATA approved radioactive shipments 

Radiation Safety Consultants

> 500 first responders

Training for Hospital, Fire, Police, EMT/EMS, and Ambulance staff 

Non-Ionizing Policy

Created a policy used by a federal installation in all 50 states and at sea

Biological Safety Training Program
Laser Safety Officer Training
Radiation Safety Program Audit

A summary of Radiation protection projects & SERVICES offered

Radio-frequency survey

assessed countless radio, cellular, and other RF transmitting devices for RF safety


Laser Safety Audit Training


Provided dozens of Radiation, Laser, RF, and UV safety program audits.

Training over 50 LSO's

Laser Safety Officer (LSO) training to meet the needs of various laser programs.

Radiation Assessment